Diamond Longboard - "The Older I Get...The Better I Was"

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  • No One is Too Young for This!

    Unless you are 30 years old, this T-shirt is just what you need to show off your untamed style and your unique ability to grow even more handsome the older you get!

  • The Perfect Gift for Your Old Man!

    Whether it’s your husband, dad, grandpa or uncle, this is by far the ultimate gift you could get them. Just make sure they’re not too sensitive about their age!

  • For the Man That Defies the Odds!

    Our unique T-shirt design is NOT for the man who has given up on life. On the contrary, it’s the man that keeps looking better and better with age and challenges everything that life’s throwing at him!

  • Quality T-Shirt for Quality Men!

    Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton that runs true to size, this premium T-shirt can be machine washed and tumbled dry medium. If you don’t want to ruin the design, do not iron it!

  • Don't Like It? We'll Make it Right!

    Here At Old Guys Rule, we are certain of the quality and integrity of all our designs, including this T-Shirt. If however, you are not 110% thrilled with it, let us know within 30 days and we’ll send your money back.

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Customer Reviews

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Old Guys DO Rule

I just purchased four Old Guys t-shirts. Bringing my total to eight shirts now. I really love these shirts. They are a heavier duty/thicker shirt, which is important to me. I do not like those cheaper t-shirts that may cost 5-8 dollars because they are so flimsy and washing them too often destroys them. A couple of my Old Guys shirts are at least 5 years old, and I still wear them, and they still look good and wear well. I also like that there are many different logos that I can get on my favorite color shirts. If I have 3 light blue t-shirts, it is ok because they look different. I will be buying more as I see shirts/logos I like, or as I need them.

Cruising Clothes

I purchased my Shirt and Hat for one of my out fits for a Cruise I'm going on! It is perfect. Can't wait to show everyone my T-Shirt and Hat from Old Guys Rule!!


Got it!

Great Shirt

Was so great I bought two of them.

Waiting for fireworks to start

This shirt is one of many OGR in my collection. All of them are so classy and fit just right. I’m wearing this new one to the Long Beach fireworks show over the bay. Figured it was fitting since this OGR shirt had a surfboard on it. Can wait to order more.