Drop It All, Live On A Beach, And Paint All Day Long

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Have you ever wanted to drop everything and live on the beach and paint all day long? It takes courage and a true passionate love to make such a step. 

Mike Doyle did it and has produced a great body of work through his art pieces. Visit his site to peek at his art and get a feel for this lifestyle.

If you're not familiar with Mike's full story, let Old Guys Rule walk you through some highlights:

Mike Doyle is what you would refer to as the original water-man. Variously known as " Malibu Mike", "Iron Man Mike", "Tiki Mike" and "The Hawk". Much has been written about him and we'll cover a few of the highlights of his life beginning with when he first surfed in 1954.

Worked as a Surfing stunt double in the movie Gidget 
Featured in the films Surf Safari and Once Upon A Wave
First to surf the Banzai Pipeline
Duke Kahanamoku Invitational 1st place Champion 1968
Invented the Monoski recognized by wikipedia as the invetion of the snowboard 1970's
Moved To San Jose Del Cabo Mexico in 1980 where he began his artistic journey. Painting and living free!
Inducted into the WB Willis Bros. Hall Of Fame For Surfing and Shaping 2002
Inducted into the Surfboard Builders Hall of Fame 2009
Inducted into the Hermosa Beach Surfing Hall of Fame 2013

Caught wearing an Old Guys Rule tshirt 2013

Visit Mike's site at http://www.mikedoyle.com/ and if you find yourself in Los Cabos, stop by and say hello! 

Old Guys Rule.