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OLD GUYS RULE Dad Hats Never Get Old!

Our premium quality baseball caps are for older men who can poke fun at themselves while still getting the last laugh. Yes, you’re getting older, but as you lived your life, you also became wiser and more confident.

When you were younger, a good hat was your go-to for covering up messy hair.  Now that you’ve matured, you have a whole new appreciation for caps - they offer sun protection and hide your thinning hair and bald spots.

However, OLD GUYS RULE hats also bring style, humor and make a lasting impression. They speak to your interests, while also flaunting that “getting better with age” mantra.  You’ve worked hard, now it’s time to relax harder. There may be many years behind you, but the years you’ve got left are the ones you’re living to the fullest and enjoying the most!

OLD GUYS RULE dad hats are the ultimate gift for your father, husband, uncle or grandfather, speaking to their thoughts, instead of their needs. As long they’re not too sensitive about their age, this couldn’t be a greater gift-giving opportunity, and one in which he’ll get a lot use and laughs from.

Customer Reviews

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Susan Holley
Love it!

Great gift, love it!

Bruce F Menke
Another Winner

I have 7 different OGR hats that I rotate through regularly. They are all well made and almost always generate chuckles and comments from people who see them. I'm very happy with them.

Lori K
Old Guys Rule are the Best

Whenever I need a gift for My Old Guy, I know I can count on these. My husband gets so many compliments whenever he wears any of your products. We’ve had hats and T shirts now for years and they are well loved items in our house!