The Older I Get... The Better I was (Oval)

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  • No One is Too Young for This!

    Unless you are 30 years old, this T-shirt is just what you need to show off your untamed style and your unique ability to grow even more handsome the older you get!

  • The Perfect Gift for Your Old Man!

    Whether it’s your husband, dad, grandpa or uncle, this is by far the ultimate gift you could get them. Just make sure they’re not too sensitive about their age!

  • For the Man That Defies the Odds!

    Our unique T-shirt design is NOT for the man who has given up on life. On the contrary, it’s the man that keeps looking better and better with age and challenges everything that life’s throwing at him!

  • Quality T-Shirt for Quality Men!

    Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton that runs true to size, this premium T-shirt can be machine washed and tumbled dry medium. If you don’t want to ruin the design, do not iron it!

  • Don't Like It? We'll Make it Right!

    Here At Old Guys Rule, we are certain of the quality and integrity of all our designs, including this T-Shirt. If however, you are not 110% thrilled with it, let us know within 30 days and we’ll send your money back.

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Customer Reviews

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Lori Deakin
Quality t-shirt!

Thick quality t-shirt. Very pleased with purchase.

David Beckmann
Would prefer a lighter color

A few years back, I had a very similar shirt but it was kind of a tan color. Unfortunately, a sleeve soon came unstitched. Since then I looked for another one and now I finally settled on this. I'm hoping it holds up better than the last one.

Donna Marchesi
Fills the need

My Old Guy has a problem with "plumber's crack." The shirts I ordered are long enough to keep him from sunburning his bum!

Mark Riddell
Time will tell

The first Old Guys Rule T-shirt I bought was in Reno 8-10 years ago it wore out after 6 years or so and I got another one one about 2 years ago. Really love this shirt and the saying but the stiching on the second shirt started coming undone after a couple of months, was not happy with the quality of the second shirt, but I like the saying so much I thought Id give it one more try. I do wish this shirt came in different colors. if this one last like the first one I will up my rating to 5 stars.

Jim Schieck
This is SO-O-O-O TRUE!

I have 5 Old Guys Rule T-shirts, 2 of which have the saying "The Older I Get the Better I Was" because it is so-o-o-o true. I wanted to buy more shirts, but I am not a big beer drinker or a fisherman and I don't have a motorcycle or a classic car (although I would love a 1970 Malibu SS). I do grill frequently but none of those shirts were that good. I prefer Navy or Red shirts because I can wear them with lots of shorts and/or jeans. So, my selection gets pretty limited … 2 of my shirts are patriotic ("Proud American" & "Born in the USA") But the saying "The Older I get...' is rooted in my memory.

I have lots of good memories … I have 3 kids (a teacher, a firefighter & a police officer) and 7 grandkids … lots of good memories. But, one night in my life is just as vivid as the night it happened. I played 2 years of Little League baseball. I tried out when I was 11 and no team in the league picked me. I got a second chance when they expanded the league by one team and I tried out and made that team. My second year I had my "career night." I went 3 for 4 at the plate. Popped up to the catcher on my first at bat. Ground rule double over the right field fence on my second at bat. Followed by a GRAND SLAM homer into the trees beyond the center field fence and a bloop single to left on my final at bat. Just too bad the Yankees weren't scouting me that night! I "knew" I wasn't good enough to play at the next level (Pony League), so I didn't even try. But that night 62 years later is still vivid in my mind!!